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Have You Had Recent Wind, Hail, or Storm Damage To Your Roof or Property?

Here is some information to help understand the process of filing an insurance claim for roof and storm damage

I DON’T SEE ANY HAIL DAMAGE. WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? Hail Damage can’t be seen very easily most of the time. You usually will never see actual holes or indentations in the roof. Hail will drastically shorten the life of your roof. Even many roofing contractors do not know what to look for when it comes to hail damage.

If you have damaged siding, vehicles, or have noticed neighbors getting their roofs replaced, more than likely you have hail damage as well.


Hail can damage your roof without any visible signs from the ground. Hail normally has to be the size of a golf ball before it will break through your roof or cause bruising. Sometimes these damages do not show up quickly or are easily overlooked. The integrity of the shingle may be damaged, do not take a chance on it. If hail is driven by high winds or if it lasts longer than a few minutes, even small-sized hail can cause your roof to suffer severe damage and the loss of their protective granules, which will greatly reduce the life of your roof. Loss of granule layers will leave the shingles exposed to the suns UV rays. This will cause serious deterioration of the shingle in a short period of time.

Hail and high winds can cause serious damage to your roof and exterior of your home. An evaluation by one of our trained inspectors can verify the extent of your damages and outline the means by which they should be repaired or replaced. There are a lot of good roofers around that have no clue how to inspect for hail damage or work an insurance claim. You need a professional working on your side.


No. Homeowners Insurance does not work like Auto Insurance. You will not be penalized for filing a claim. Rate increases are based on your geological location. If you are in an area that has sustained substantial storm damage, your rates may increase even if you do not file a claim.

If you had hail in your neighborhood, CALL US! We want to be present when the adjuster comes out to do his/her inspection. It is your legal right to have a professional represent you during the inspection. Do not rely on only your adjuster’s inspection. The adjuster works for and is paid by the insurance company. You need a professional working for you.

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you know what the insurance should pay for your damage?
  • It features the Tri-Beam composite, low conductive, structural reinforcement system.
  • Are you aware of the local codes pertaining to roof replacement?
  • Did the insurance adjuster pay for everything to bring home up to code?
  • Are you sure the adjuster didn’t miss anything?
  • Are you sure the adjuster measured correctly?
  • Are you sure the adjuster paid ‘Fair Market Value’ for your area?

The adjuster will look at your property during working hours, so you probably won’t be home when the adjustment is taking place, which means you have no input in the matter. We ask that you allow us to represent you during the inspection. The adjuster will inspect your roof and exterior of your home for visible signs of damage only. For the roof, he will measure out a “Test Square” (10′ x 10′) on different sections of your roof. If he can find a sufficient amount of bruises or breaks for each “Test Square”, the insurance company will pay you for a new roof.


It is possible that your roof was the only one on the block that wasn’t damaged. And it is also possible that the adjuster is new and missed identifying the damage. We have had several roofing claims that we were able to get the insurance to buy, after previously they had denied. You are entitled to a re-inspection by another adjuster within the same firm. So if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of your claim, don’t settle. Ask for another inspection. Let us work for you in getting what you deserve.


Most occur when the adjuster has not assessed the same amount of damage as the contractor. Whether it is for the roof, gutters, siding or other exterior or interior damage. So if you have interior damage or other hard to see damages that can be easily overlooked, chances are the adjuster will probably miss it. This is another reason that you need us to represent you during the inspection.

You are entitled to have your contractor of choice represent you during the adjustment process to expedite the settlement of your claim. In order to save you time off from work and the headache of the entire process, we ask that you allow us to represent you during the inspection process. We will work with your adjuster to determine the extent of the damage, clarify pricing and offer a repair price agreeable to the insurance company. All you pay is your deductible. Let us work for you in getting a fair and amicable settlement.


In most cases, about a week after the adjuster has estimated your property, you will receive your first check. This is most commonly called the ACV. (Actual Cost Value)

This check should represent the actual cost to repair or replace the damaged property, MINUS DEPRECIATION. Depreciation is a misleading term. Many think that the first check they get from the insurance company is the only money they will get.

Many homeowners never get the depreciation amount back because they do not understand the process or the contractor they chose didn’t understand the proper procedures.


The insurance company has allowed you $5000.00 to replace your roof.

Your deductible is $500.00

Your total withheld recoverable depreciation is $2000.00

So your first check from the insurance is $2500.00.

If you choose a contractor to replace your roof for $3500.00, your 2nd check from the insurance company will only be $500.00 because: “if you have replacement cost coverage, you may be entitled to the withheld recoverable depreciation after repairs have been completed, provided the cost of the repairs exceed the amount of your deductible and your initial claim payment”. – statement on insurance claim payments.

Beware of roofing companies that advertise no deductible.

You are not allowed to profit from a loss. Insurance fraud is a class 3 felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and fines up to $5000.00!

Due to the amount of recent storm damage claims in Texas and ‘shady’ roofing company practices, Insurance companies are now auditing 1 out of every 3 claims. If you profit in any way from your insurance claim (such as not paying your deductible, or pocketing any insurance money) you and possibly your contractor are committing fraud. Your paperwork from the insurance company clearly states what laws apply to your claim, so there is no “I didn’t know” excuse.

We can provide our customers with options to help with your deductible such as In House Payment Plans and Paying You For Referrals. Ask one of our consultants for more details.

  • No. Your insurance company has a defined price list they use. More than likely it is Xactimate software, which is the same software we use as well as most roofing companies that specialize in storm damage. The Insurance will only pay actual costs for repairs (according to their price list), regardless of what prices you may get. However, Xactimate pricing is updated monthly, and it’s very likely the adjuster is using an out-dated price sheet. If that is the case, we will send them a supplemental invoice with the corrected prices.

Think of it this way. What reward will the insurance company give you for finding the lowest price for them ? Will they lower your premium ?

Your insurance company will pay a reputable contractor only “fair market price”.

Example of 3 different Roofing bids:



You are only saving the insurance company money and costing yourself quality when you get several estimates. You need to make a decision on which contractor you use based on who you feel comfortable with and their reputation, and experience in roofing and insurance claims.


All your doing is compromising in quality of the roof and not saving yourself any money, besides, what reward will the insurance company give you for finding the lowest price for them ? Will they lower your premium?


Only choose a Local Roofing Contractor willing to help with the claims process, the cost for repairs for your home is then determined by the insurance company and the contractor.

We have successfully completed hundreds of storm damage roofing repairs and we have the experience needed to work on your behalf. We have extensive experience in working with insurance companies to replace your Storm Damaged Roof, Siding, Windows, Awnings and more.

Your insurance carrier has trained professionals representing them. Do You?

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