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An in-home energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment, is a process designed to evaluate the energy efficiency of a residential property. The purpose of this audit is to identify areas where energy is being wasted and to recommend improvements that can enhance energy efficiency, reduce utility bills, and contribute to a more environmentally friendly home. During an in-home energy audit, a trained professional typically conducts a thorough examination of various elements within the home that impact energy consumption. This may include inspecting insulation levels, checking for air leaks, assessing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, and examining the lighting and appliance usage. The auditor may also analyze past utility bills to gain insights into energy consumption patterns. The results of the energy audit are then compiled into a comprehensive report, outlining specific recommendations for energy-efficient upgrades or modifications. These recommendations may range from sealing gaps and improving insulation to upgrading to energy-efficient appliances and installing programmable thermostats. The goal is to provide homeowners with a roadmap for making informed decisions about energy-saving measures tailored to their specific needs and budget. In some cases, energy utility companies or government programs offer incentives or rebates for homeowners who undertake energy-efficient improvements based on the recommendations from an in-home energy audit. Overall, an in-home energy audit serves as a valuable tool for homeowners looking to enhance the comfort of their living space, reduce energy costs, and contribute to sustainability efforts.

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Owner, Mike Stinnett, has personally selected the Provia product line to install for his clients in the Central Arkansas and surrounding areas. Provia Products deliver maximum return on investment.

In the Central Arkansas and surrounding areas, we are concerned with the amount of solar heat that transfers through the glass of our window units and fading of furniture and floor coverings. We have the most energy efficient windows at the fairest value to you.

  • The frame allows more of the visible light to come through your window opening.
  • It features the Innergy, low conductive, structural reinforcement system.
  • It is the best energy efficient window product available for Central Arkansas.
  • We offer you a Double Hung, Slider, Casement, Specialty Window, and Patio Doors.
  • We offer you an upgrade on the glass package with 3 coats LoE (DLA-UV) with the next generation glass spacer giving you the most energy efficient replacement window.
  • We assure you superior craftsmanship and installation while keeping your project area clean.
  • We offer products that are affordable as well as the best valued energy efficient product.

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We guarantee that the project will be done with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail, and at competitive prices that will suit your budgetary needs. Not only that, but we will work with you every step of the way, from product selection and design to installation and post-installation service.

Please feel free to contact us or through our convenient online form and we will happily provide additional information, address your questions or concerns, and/or schedule your appointment. As your local window company, we look forward to servicing you!

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“Outstanding service from start to finish. High quality windows that quickly reduced the heat in hard to cool rooms. Installation team was phenomenal. Not a speck of dust left. They took down and put up our blinds as well as hauled off all debris. Highly recommend!”

- Dean Martin

"I have needed a new roof for a very long time! And I was nervous about the whole process! Let me tell you Daryl made me feel so comfortable, she explained everything! I never had to worry or wonder about anything ! If I have any questions she got back to me right away! Adam was great communicating w me on the date of installation. From start to finish Daryl made this process seamless! It was the best experience. The guys who did The roof were amazing too. They worked incredibly fast! And the roof is above, and beyond what I expected! It’s beautiful !!! I would definitely recommend this company to anybody needing a new roof!

- Allison Lawrence

We picked Windows and More, LLC. for our roof replacement and I am so pleased we did! I am impressed. I don’t know about roofing (so I’ll let the inspectors, etc, check the work), but my personal concerns could not have been met any better! 1. Done in one day. (No overnights) *They were here and gone in 4 hours! 2. Large enough, hard working crew to get it done timely. *This was obviously met. (See above.). They hit it HARD and heavy immediately. 3. Protected structure surroundings. *They protected our surroundings very well. 4. Thorough clean up. Don’t need tires, dogs, or people stepping on tacks everywhere you turn. *So far, I recovered the tiniest bit of debris. It was almost perfect (and no one’s perfect so…) There’s our experience. ☺️

- TracyandBrian Wise

I do not even know where to begin because this company has been outstanding! My insurance was not very helpful and I was stressed! But Daryl, Mike, and Adam helped in every way. My roof and gutters are fantastic! Better than the ones I had when the house was built! The people they used were very professional, cleaned everything up, and did the replacements perfectly. I can not even express how thankful I am for this company! If you’re looking for honest people who will do what they can to help you and give you good quality service, Windows and More is who you need! Thank you Daryl, Mike, and Adam!!! We will definitely use you for our future projects.

- Alissa Meyers Bouslough

Honest company, with fast, friendly service. They truly go above and beyond to help you get the most for your dollar. And they help stand up for you when dealing with insurance companies who may not want to help with the claims like they should. They believe in being there for the home owner. And that is incredible customer service! And Adam Perschbacher is one of the best people in the company. Super easy to deal with, and very knowledgeable in his field!

- Matthew Dyson

Windows and More installed a new roof on our home. Joel and his crew did an amazing job. Mike answered all our questions concerning how to process the claim with our insurance and made the entire process work so smoothly. We would highly recommend using Windows and More. Incredible customer service.

- Lisa Gilbert Gray